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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Reuben is 6!

A little behind the 8-ball, but here we are!

Reuben turned 6 years old last week. I'm entering the short season of three boys having birthdays, which means this Momma suddenly realizes they are all growing up! Happy and sad, exciting and bittersweet - all at the same time.

This little boy had been counting down the days ... literally, for the past month. He is excited to get bigger (and I suspect, catch up with Jonah on things). And so the night before his birthday, we carried up the three presents from the boys, Eli and I, in to the living room. And his big blue eyes got bigger, and he said, "I'm going to bed RIGHT NOW!" He couldn't wait for tomorrow to get here! And off to bed he went! = )

And then he and Jonah woke up at 6am. Yikes! They acted like it was Christmas! Oh, the fun of being little and these things are so so exciting for them.

We opened his presents, and had birthday cake pancakes before we had Bible study at church that morning. What I do appreciate about our boys is that it doesn't take much to have a great celebration. We didn't spend tons of money on presents, but he was so thrilled with what he got and so thankful. Sometimes it feels like all this work we put into character building isn't doing a darn thing - and sometimes you see a glimmer of "yes it is!"

We dropped flowers and cards off to Grandma, who has the same birthday, and enjoyed a playdate with favorite friends before going to youth group as usual. Great day.

I'm so proud of Reuben and the little boy he is growing into. He is showing more and more kindness to others, he is starting to ask more questions about Jesus and how and why we believe what we do. He still can shut down and pull away, but I see him becoming less afraid of crowds and willing to try new things. And that little boy's laugh is just THE BEST! It's more like a giggle of pure silliness, but it just makes everyone else laugh with him.

May his 6th year bring him more knowledge of the saving work of Jesus, more friends to connect with, and may it be a blessed year full of L.I.F.E.

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