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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jonah = 8 years old

It is just so amazing that Jonah turned 8 years old yesterday. Not that any child's birthday is more important than another's - but perhaps it is just the fact that a firstborn's birthday is always a little jolt of reality. That one little baby that made me a mother is 8. Pretty amazing, considering I still feel like I should be in my mid-20's! = )

Sooooo excited!
Look at these boys!!!!

Jonah was sooooo excited - as expected - for his birthday yesterday. Since my strange eater doesn't like pancakes, he got a small birthday cookie to go with his breakfast. Matthias and Reuben slept in til nearly 8 o'clock in the morning, which was making Jonah a little stir crazy! He knew that he would get to open presents when they woke up, and they must have been making up for a big day on Sunday! But, they finally decided to rise, and he opened his presents. The "big one" was a pocket knife. He knew it was coming, as he had been promised that he would get his own pocket knife when he turned 8 years old. Pretty big stuff for that blondie.

Other than that, we enjoyed a Monday as usual, although I let the boys have the day off of school. They went grocery shopping with Daddy, Opa, and Didi. Got donuts at Dunkin Donuts. Played outside with the gorgeous weather, and enjoyed each other. He practically created a shrine in his bed for the LEGO alarm clock that we got for his room! Eli's dad came over for dinner since he mom was out of town, and the rest of the day went great!

Jonah certainly isn't a perfect child, but I see such a tender heart within him. I pray that as he grows and encounters more of a harsh world, he keeps that tenderness. The way he loves little ones, and just seems to care for others. As the boys are growing and our days are busy, I am working to consistently spend time in prayer for each of them. Praying that God will direct their paths, that He will work in them, and that He will give Eli and I wisdom - HIS wisdom - on how to be the parents we can be in His strength. It is a daunting job! But, I believe we have been given these four boys to raise into strong men - men of character and courage, and daring love for Jesus.

Happy Birthday, my big boy!

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