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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Piano Lessons

Music runs in my family. All five of us kids grew up taking piano lessons. The girls went on, I played until high school, my youngest sister majored in music education, and my older sister played through high school as well. My brothers didn't play as long, but my oldest brother can learn any instrument presented to him, and records music, plays piano, guitar, bass, etc etc etc!

Eli still laments that his mom didn't "force" him to take piano lessons. = ) Truth is, she wanted him to, but he put up such a protest that in the end, he didn't end up taking any. And now he says that is a huge regret to him. He can play drums, guitar, and some saxophone, but always wishes he would have learned to read music well back in the grade school years.

This all equals up to the fact that our boys will take piano lessons. Doesn't necessarily matter if they play forever, but we want them to learn the skill of reading music, and explore if they love piano or any other instruments! We bought a piano back many years ago from a good friend who was moving out of the country for a time. So, we've always had a piano ... it just hadn't been put to much use.

Until now.

We started piano lessons with "Aunt Didi" in January. It is really great for the boys! Jonah is catching on quickly, and since he is almost 8, I think he will move through the beginning levels fairly fast. Reuben doesn't really seem to pay attention to what songs Jonah is working on, and is happily plugging away at his own pace. I know that he will move more slowly just based on the fact that he is two years younger. But, that kid has confidence! He practices, or runs downstairs to practice "Mom! I am so good at piano!"

Or last week when lessons were over and I said "Reuben, great job working on your lesson with Didi today". He responds matter of factly: "Yup, Mom, that's because I am just really good at piano." And continues on eating his lunch.

I'm not really going to worry about squelching his pride. More times than not, he is always trying to catch up to Jonah. In all areas. And so I am just letting him feel proud about his accomplishments, not worrying about pointing out too much where he needs to work. I just sit with him while he practices, encourage steady counting and reinforce what his aunt has told him to do. And heavens no, will I ever comment on where Jonah is at in the book. = )

I know what the middle child feeling is like. And I know that I written about that before. But, I know how easy it is to constantly be trying to "live up" to the standards set by older siblings or catch up to them. Not really possible. And so I am so thankful that right now, Reuben is just having fun working on his songs, looking forward to his lessons, and feeling confident as he learns a new skill.

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