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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Harvest Party 2014

We worked really hard to get a family picture this year - on a real camera no less! There was one year we got no family picture, and a couple years we've only gotten them on phones. Which is an improvement, but still! I nearly didn't dress up - which I think would have been my first halloween in my entire life that I would not have dressed up for ... but it became apparent to me that I might have faced being disowned by the four most important men in my life. So, I did! And I am glad that I did = ) Pregnant squaw and all.

Our Harvest Party this year was the biggest ever - over 950 people came through the doors of the church to enjoy our evening! Wow! And that is without advertising, save the poster by the side of the church. It did seem crazy and busy and all those things combined, but it was fun.

I ended up leaving early with Matthias. I could NOT STOP candy from getting into his mouth! And couldn't get him to eat dinner. He was having fun, but at the same time, having trouble waiting in line for games and getting a bit frustrated himself. So, I left the two big boys together, with Oma to bring them home, and headed home with Matthias. Who happily ate at home, took a long bath, and then read books with Mommy. Jonah and Reuben stuck together at the Harvest Party the entire time, and had the evening of their little lives = ) So glad that we have this opportunity each year!

And so, the family of Native Americans survived another October 31st ... and we now await the birth of our little papoose.

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