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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day

I told someone yesterday, "I hope it snows enough that we're all stuck inside having a snow day tomorrow - and then it melts quickly so we can get back to getting out and about!"

Well, the first part came true! I woke up on my own at 5:40 this morning, and peeked out the window. Didn't see a thing. Hmmmmm, where was the hugely predicted snowfall? Looked back outside a few minutes after 6 am, and THERE IT WAS! Snow coming down, which only picked up in intensity within those next few hours. I don't know the current amount of snow we have here in inches right now, but I can tell it is a lot! At least 6-8, I am guessing. Eli spent a considerable amount of time shoveling the driveway this afternoon, and said at least 8 inches, he though. That man got two workouts today! He lifted weights this morning, and was probably shoveling at least for an hour. And we still have our enormous amounts of sidewalks along the front and side of our house to do tomorrow. Yikes.

So, we were snowed in. I'm sure if we really were desperate to get somewhere, we could have, but why? We hunkered inside the heated house (for which I many times thanked the Lord for today when I looked out at the coldness from my window) and had a family day.

It has been nice. Although at dinner time, Jonah asked "Where are we going to go today? I need to get out of this house!" Yes, we are used to being more on-the-go = ) But, for one day, we can stay inside. It was a treat to have Eli home for a day, with no appointments, no meetings, no work for either of us outside the home, save some emails and things to keep up on work details.


Made snow ice cream - of course!

Hid in pillow forts after being cold from eating snow ice cream ...

 Made Daddy super happy by baking some chocolate chip cookies ... he did, after all, freeze outside shoveling!
 Cause Mommy grief by repeatedly emptying the cabinets in which we need to replace the child-proof locks ... SIGH.

Ended the day with haircuts!
And drew lots of pictures, had a Bible lesson before bed, watched the boys' favorite movie "Milo and Otis", and got Eli's office somewhat de-cluttered and cleaned out! Score! Andddddd, I ironed clothes like there was no tomorrow, and got nearly my entire ironing pile done. THAT, my friends, is a huge accomplishment. And now, I hope to head to bed early, and although I am a bit bummed that the gym is closed in the morning because we do have some collective cabin fever, I'm grateful, oh, so grateful, for my family, my home, and the fullness in our day.

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