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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Matthias - 9 months old

Bear with me for a baby post. A baby who is desperately trying to grow up too fast for this momma over here!

Matthias, you sweet little thing! How did you get to be nine months old? And already in the month of turning 10 month old ... yikes! You are outgrowing your carseat (it seems like this week I've already gotten several comments as I'm lugging you around in that thing of "oh my goodness! He has gotten so big! He was just a baby a while ago ...), and I can't believe that in two short months, I'll be thinking of how to celebrate your first birthday.

You are a little stinker, of course! Since you are now confident in pulling up and cruising along anything, you now consider your personal mission to empty all my shelves, cabinets, etc. My cookbooks keep somehow ending up in a pile on the kitchen floor, and the small cabinet in which we keep food in with the broken door has become your playground. Time to by the new one that we keep procrastinating on! I find boxes and cans and who-knows-what on the floor. The ENTIRE thing cleaned out. Sigh. Yes, for five minutes of fun for you, and then work for me! = ) Heh, I "thought" our house was decently baby-proof. You, on the other hand, are proving otherwise!

You also consider it your second mission to get into your brothers' room. No matter that all the other doors in the hallway might be open and fair game ... you want the room with the legos. The forbidden room. And when you see that door is opened or cracked, you grin like nothing else and crawl as FAST AS YOU CAN. You are often chased down the hall, dragged out of that room, called out after as you go go go "watch out! Matthias is coming!"

You are still our happy boy. You smile, you gurgle, you sort of say "More" when you want more bites in your chair at the table. We're working on Mama and Dada, which you mimic, but I doubt you are actually calling us by name quite yet. You like to smile at others, give high fives, and you are so close to clapping! Love it!

Yesterday you tried to take some steps on your own several times ... argh. Little boy - you are not ready yet! Get ready for more bruises, because you still need to stabilize a bit more. You already get more than your share of bumps on the head because you think you can go anywhere and stand anywhere. And you follow your Momma all over the house, pull up on her leg and raise your arms to be held. "Let me be a part of what you're doing, Mom!"

And food, oh dear, food. Do you have an appetite! You want to try everything that everything else eats, no matter what it is! When you see your brothers eat popsicles, you practically hyperventilate because you want one so bad! You love homemade teething biscuits, cereal bars, Puffs, Cheerios, yogurt, mashed potatoes, carrots, and mostly things that you can chew on - although you have no teeth. You turn your nose up at pureed baby food now - you're a big boy!

Matthias, Matthias, how we love you! Jonah and Reuben want to walk you all over the house, smother you with their love, and share their toys and food with you. The spring months are going to bring lots more firsts and fun with you!

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