A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Tough Guys in Action

With warmer weather this March and April than in many years past, the boys have been outside a lot! Which I have no argument against ... the three of us get cabin fever easily. They don't do well with a day just sitting inside - we like places to go, things to do, or good weather to get outside and run around in! Our little basketball hoop on the back deck has probably already gotten more use than any other spring. Jonah has always been a very dedicated basketball player, and Reuben is following close in his footsteps. They give themselves quite hilarious team names, and go-at-it in a very serious manner. I love to stand in the kitchen, washing dishes or cooking, and keeping my eyes and ears open for their games (although intervention often has to happen). Reuben loves to call himself the "K-Steak" team ... and we've given up trying to correct him!
Eli has been out there for many an intense game, and any other visitors that drop in are often invited onto the back deck to dribble and shoot.
Eli got these great pictures one evening a week or so ago while I was working for an hour at the gym. Sooooooo glad he grabbed the camera!

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