A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jonah, Jonah

Yesterday morning, it was Jonah, Matthias and I sitting on the couch together in the early hours of the morning (Reuben and Daddy are the late risers of the family) ... after Matthias finished nursing, Jonah requested to hold him. He was snuggling his little brother and looked up at me with a smile:
"Mommy, I love Matthias ninety-nine." (ninety-nine is a HIGH number to Jonah - somehow he was conveying his full heart). "Ahhhhh, Jonah, that is wonderful! And he loves you too, you know."
"And I love you and Daddy ninety-nine, also"
I smiled back at him.
"Did I forget anyone?"
"Well, what about Reuben?"
Jonah looked thoughtful ... "I love him forty-four."
"Well, I think you DO love Reuben more than that, but I know that lots of times he kind of annoys you or you guys get into fights."
More thoughtful silence ... "Well, I Reuben eighty-eight, then. Eighty-eight is really close to ninety-nine, Mom."
Ah well. I know deep down, Jonah dearly loves Reuben ... but Reuben has gotten big enough to fight back, which means, well, there are lots of tussles between them each day! = )

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