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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alone at Home

Last night I had a book club meeting - fabulous ladies! - and lucky for me, this month instead of reading a book (which I have NO DOUBT I would not have completed), Tracey brought a craft to do while we munched treats and chatted away. This had been on my calendar for a few weeks. Eli was planning to stay home and have a "Dude time" evening!

And then he got offered two tickets to the KU game that same night.

Of course I told him he needed to go! That kind of offer does not usually fall into our laps - and we LOVE KU Basketball!

So, my sister and her hubby said they would watch the boys. Jonah had been asking to have his first "spend the night" at their house, so the plan was to send both boys with their jammies/pillows/etc., but I would be prepared to pick up Reuben at bedtime should he need to come home. He's never spent the night anywhere without me! He is still my baby boy ... my cuddler.
So, I left my book club a little early to head back into town and give Adrienne a call. She didn't answer. About ten minutes later she texted me that "all was well and both boys were asleep". I came home to an empty house, and went to bed with no little voices saying goodnight, no night light on in the room across the hall, no fear of hearing stirring from the bunkbeds.

And, it was weird!

I'm extremely grateful to Adrienne and Micah for even being willing to probably get a not-so-great night sleep in order to make two little boys grin from ear to ear, and to allow both Eli and I to get some time with friends! And Eli claims a "new era" has now entered our lives (he's totally starting to plan for our anniversary next month!), but it was still strange not to have my little boys at home with me. = ) As much as the bedtime can somtimes be a tug-of-war time, I missed those little faces resting amidst stuffed animals.

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