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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

WOW Run 2011

Each year the gym hosts a 5K run to benefit a local organization. The run is held in October. This year it benefited Women Build Habitat for Humanity. I ran it last year, and yesterday, Eli ran it with me! To me, this meant so much that he would run with me. Eli does like fitness and weights ... just not as crazy as me! So, this was like a little boost to get to do something together. He has been doing some running to get ready - not as much as he would have liked do to an I.N.S.A.N.E. schedule in October this year - but he still did awesome!

We woke up bright and early (although it was still dark outside!) to get ourselves ready to go. My dad came over to watch the boys while we went. We joined about 270 other runners for a crisp - think 40 degrees - autumn morning run!

Neither of us ran to "win", but to enjoy being outside together, supporting a great cause, and being around lots of great people. It was a hilly run through lots of beautiful neighborhoods. What was really fun was to see how many kids came to run with their parents - we're excited to maybe have Jonah do a run with us next year or the year after!

My friend Natalie took our picture after the run, and commented that if Baby No. 3 becomes a marathon runner, it wouldn't be a surprise! 3+ months pregnant, and I felt great as I ran. We're thinking that we might be running the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning in a few weeks and recuit some other family members to join. = )

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