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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Milk and Eggs

What started as a way for our young marrieds' Bible study to "get out and DO something", rather than just talking about making a difference has turned into a valuable lesson for Jonah and Reuben.

I can't really remember how long, but I think it has been at least a year since the Bible study that Eli and I lead on Thursday evenings starting taking fresh milk and eggs to the Heartland Community Health Center. We had been talking a lot within the group about making a difference in our community, and wanted to find something we could do on a regular basis. We took a tour and met the director of HCHC, and decided that working with the food pantry would be perfect. We simply alternate weekends and deliver 15 half gallons of milk and 10 dozen eggs on Saturday morning, so that individuals and families can get more than just pantry goods when they need some extra help.

Right now, we typically each take one Saturday a month or so, and do the delivery. Sometimes couples stay and help run the time frame in which people come to get groceries: it depends on schedules and such. But, I like DOING something, you know?

And now, Jonah and Reuben look forward to our weekends. We usually have to get them up for an "up and at'em" to get to the grocery store and then the pantry in time. They jump right out of bed! We have had many a conversation during those Saturday morning drives about caring for others, and making sure that other kids have milk and eggs too. About not taking things for granted that we have.

And then when we get there, they each run their 1/2 gallons up the wheelchair ramp (because WHY ON EARTH would you take the stairs when you can run in a zig zag!), and put them away in the fridge. Back and forth, back and forth.

Van loaded up after the grocery store ...

Proud little helper...

I need to do more things like this with them ...

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