A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summa-time at the Gym

Last weekend was another launch at the gym. This weekend, though, I taught both BodyStep and BodyPump, which was a first for me! As you can see from the smiles, though, amidst the worrying of cheoreography and saying the "right" things, we did have a fun time!

It was definitely a busy weekend, capping off an incredibly busy week. I can't say that I've recovered yet! I don't know if it's still trying to catch up on sleep, just trying to adjust to changing schedules, or female hormones (or maybe all 3!), but yesterday and today I have felt extremely emotional and a little overwhelmed. One of my clients at the gym reminded me today that emotions are good, and maybe just letting them out would be a release. Yes, I do agree, but I also can't spend all day in tears!

I'm trying to give the boys and I a little down time here at home while it's 100+ degrees outside. Hopefully once they head towards rest time, I can give myself a little time to re-focus. = ) And maybe the weekend and more time with Eli won't seem so far away.

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