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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Matthias Turns 3

Although Abram has been here over 5 months ... in some ways it is still hard to let Matthias grow up. that little boy still has chubby cheeks and gives me neck squeezes and I just love it! But, last week he turned 3. Hard to believe for this momma.

a little blurry - but a true Matthias cheesy smile!
We were going to be in Branson on his actual birthday, the 18th (hopefully another post on that soon!), so we celebrated with a small family celebration at home earlier last week. The real reason being that the three gifts we got him were all for outdoors! We felt like taking those along on our little vacation wouldn't work out too well, so we wanted him to get the chance to enjoy them a bit here at home.

Matthias had watched his two older brothers celebrate last month. He had been waiting and waiting for his birthday. But, then? He surprised us. This boy that seems to know no stranger and has boundless personality and energy almost acted shy as we sang to him and had him open his presents. Even thought it was just Eli, myself, and the other boys! Made us laugh. But, I could tell that he felt special ... and although I don't want my boys to think the world revolves around them, I also want them to know that in the midst of being one of four brothers, each one of them matters individually as well.

We opened his presents: a little four wheeler (which we bought second hand from friend - SCORE!), a sprinkler for the backyard, and a water gun all his own. This little outdoorsman was quite thrilled with all those things, and has been begging since then to use the sprinkler. The week before his birthday we had lots of hot days ... but since then??? Not hot enough to break in it. We're hoping a hot day comes soon! (although I know once summer really gets into swing I will wish I hadn't said those words!)

I love this little guy. Matthias truly is a life-filled little boy who embraces all things with gusto. And although that means challenges to help him learn boundaries, I love to see his silly faces, his eyes light up with excitement (or mischievousness!), and hear his questions as his figures things out in his world. Eli and I are so so blessed with our four boys and their sweet and courageous hearts.

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