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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Little Toes

A few weeks ago at work, the group of ladies that I was training asked about Abram and how he was doing. My answer was that he was good, and getting into that "toe grabbing" stage. Isn't that just like a classic baby milestone? Grabbing their own little toes and bringing them into their mouths?

One that I love.

Although as of late, this little Abram boy has been seriously high maintenance for me, I still love his baby smiles and giggles! Each little Brooks boy has brought their own measure of joy into our home, and of course he is no different. He just still thinks that waking up three times a night and wanting Mommy snuggles is okay = ( I'm heading into some serious chronic fatigue most days, so we're working on figuring out how to get him past this and into better sleeping patterns.

He doesn't really like to roll over, although he can, and I borrowed an exersaucer - thinking he would love it - and he doesn't like it all! Hopefully it will grow on him. He mostly wants me to carry him around in all that I do. Which most of the time I don't mind having him close, but most household chores just aren't easy with only one arm free!

At the same time, I try and remember it is only a stage. A stage that I will mourn once it is gone and wish back for this little boy grabbing his toes, screeching happily at me, giggling when we blow raspberries on him. I won't miss the sleep deprivation, but I will miss this little chubby baby!

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