A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Without Them ...

Eli's sisters

I wouldn't be experiencing an amazing 3 day retreat with our youth group. Spending time with 26 amazing teenagers that were more than willing to give up some their spring break to retreat away to a ranch outside of Manhattan, Kansas. No cell phones. No TV. Just them, nature, and time to be transformed by meeting Someone bigger than themselves.
We are having an amazing time. Lots of fun times in between the serious and "real" times. Laughter, late nights, bonfires, worship times, team building activities - we squeeze it all in!
But, I am sooooooo grateful for the family members that are taking care of Jonah and Reuben at home so that I can join Eli on this retreat. His mom, sisters, and my sister are standing in for us and probably giving those two boys super fun days! They are a blessing - and I never, NEVER want to take them for granted!
My younger sister, Adrienne, aka "Aunt Didi"
And Eli's mom - always gracious and willing to help!

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