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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catch Up?

I thought once I returned from our retreat, that I would "catch up" on some little boy stories and pictures, but instead, am WAY behind! Which is discouraging, because I have conversations with Jonah running through my head that I want to remember, some GREAT spring pictures of my little guys to share, and YAY, three more weeks until Baby Brooks #3 arrives! (at least, I am hoping only two, because I have chosen April 13th as the perfect day of arrival = ) not that I get to choose!)

Anyway, though. I finally have my pictures off my camera and onto my computer, so hopefully the next few days I can get all my memories down.

But one memory I wanted to savor first: my "other" kids.

Yes, they happen to be at least 8-15 years older than Jonah and Reuben, but they are "my kids", nonetheless. Especially some of them that I have grown closer to, and really connected with more on the spring break retreat last week. Not all of our youth group kids obviously came on the retreat, but the 26 that did were amazing. At one point, Eli and I were talking with one of our teenage guys - that we adore! - and kinda working through some relationship questions he wanted to talk about ... and I realized how much I hope and pray someday we are able to have just a little bit bigger house! And not for my own purposes ... but I want to have these youth over more often! I want them to be able to crash at our house when they need to, have a space for them. Right now, and even more so in April, we are jammed-packed in! Which is fine - I love our home, but someday I'll have a big living room and dining room in which I have can people over for dinner, and a spot where we can hang out with the teens more.

Until then, we have them over more when the weather is nice and they can hang out outside, or the guys come and talk to Eli at night once the boys and I are in bed! We'll get there. But, I love my teens.

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