A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away ???

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week brought rain.
Two days of rain.

When we woke up Wednesday morning,
I knew that we had NOTHING on our schedule; except naptime.
So, I made some calls to friends,
But no one was available to get together!

Out came craft supplies.
We painted pictures, drew pictures,
Taped pictures up on the door.
We played cars,
Fought intense battles between good and evil
(please note: I always am assigned to be "the bad guy",
which in turn, means, I get killed and Jonah triumphs).
We ran an errand to pick up our camera
That we had left at Grandma's house the day before.
We made it all the way to naptime! Whew!!!!
(even Mom needed a nap this time).

But naptime ended .... and we had ALL evening together.
No Eli - still on work trip.
Boys and Mommy.

They were standing at the back door.
So, why not?
Why not just head outside anyway?

I stripped them down to their shirts,
And away we went to play outside, on the deck, and in the rain!

And as you can see, smiles and happy faces CAME BACK!

Sometimes, fresh air does wonders and is just what we need.
And, since I was grumpy by the end of summer-crazy heat,

I don't want to complain!

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