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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Only Boys ...

Boys are just ... well ... BOYS.
Enough said.
But in case you need convincing ... case in point:
This evening.
Both boys are sitting on the couch, sharing a snack of Fruit Loops.
Jonah suddenly FLIES off the couch,
"I need to go poopy!!!!!"
"Well, then, go!"
"No, Mommy. I need your help!"
So, we rush off down the hall.
Sit him on the toilet.
I leave him to do his business.
A minute later ...
"Mommy, can you come here?"
"Jonah, Mommy will come to help you finish.
I am just here in the living room"
(Aside to Eli - he just wants me to smell it.
Smell the stinky bathroom.
No reason excepting he is a boy.
Eli doesn't believe this ... but ...)

"But, Mommy, can you just come here for a second?"
"I just need to show you something really quick."
So, I trudge down the hallway,
walk into the bathroom,
"What did you want to show me?"
A devious grin ... and ... "Now smell!"
Yes. This is the same child who daily requests that I smell his feet.
His shoes. His socks.
All the while grinning.

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  1. Ha ha. Maybe I just have gross girls, but these types of conversations definitely didn't start when I started having boys. So funny!