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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Baking Away

Jonah has decided as of late that baking is his new hobby.
This is obviously taking after his mother!
For about the past week,
He has asked nearly every day if we can bake something.
This question seems to come early in the morning,
and sounds so innocent:
"Mommy, how 'bout we make some cookies,
like the kind with chocolate chips in the them?
Or some cake with frosting?"
Oh yes, I say it sounds innocent enough,
because really what this child wants is some serious sugar!
He has a sweet tooth, just like his mom.
But, we have indulged some together.
Our newest passion is Whoopie Pies.
Yes, Whoopies, as we affectionately call them.
I ordered a baking book that is all about them.
Full of delicious recipes for the cake-like cookies and fillings!
We've made one batch, and I'm sure more are to follow!
Last night, though, we were heading over to Grandma's to visit,
And we mixed up some brownies to share.
Of course, someone wanted to be in on the "mix"!

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