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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, July 22, 2016

Bushel Back in Action

Sometimes life is wonderful and full and busy ... and that is where I have found myself in the last several months. We have been working on an addition to our house, Eli's workload at work is a bit ramped up, and life with four boys at home, summer activities, work, and all that goodness has definitely filled my days! And I let this slide for awhile.

But it hasn't left the back on my mind. I don't really expect that many people read my blog ... but I write here to have some method of writing down memories and little things that we want to remember and be able to look back and smile upon. To laugh at little boy things, be thankful as we are reminded of God's faithfulness in our lives, and have some thoughts preserved! Otherwise, I know that I won't remember!!! So, my hope and plan is to get back at it.

And I want to start with writing about Jonah. My oldest boy.

He seems to suddenly have grown so much. He's going into 4th grade this year. We have changes coming up for this boy. He is going to transition from homeschooling to Veritas this year. BIG CHANGE!

As the spring semester went on, I just felt like he and I could truly use a change. He is a really good boy. But I felt the tension of being teacher and mommy wearing on both of us. And not that it was an insurmountable situation, but my heart was to continue our great connection as mother and son. And sometimes my being teacher really strained our days together. And so Eli and I talked about sending him to Veritas. And then we kind of shelved that discussion because we weren't sure financially it was even an option for us. But, I still had the desire (and my social Jonah really wants to go to school!), and so I prayed. And just kept praying.

And then in June, Eli suggested we just send in the paperwork and see how it all started to land. And I was so excited! It was a process, and we were waiting on some questions from their financial board to be answered, but long story short, it is going to work out for him to go! It is still, in many ways, a step of faith for us to take the dive, but we believe it is the right timing for him.

And we are still committed to praying each year, and taking each year at a time. This doesn't mean he will go there forever, but it means he will go this year. We get to go school shopping for the first time, and he's thinking about new friends he will meet ... it is fun!

Yes, we're totally going to be those parents that have that choked-up feeling in their throat. Both Eli and I. Probably most families experience this in kindergarten, and here we will be with a 4th grader. I will feel like crying! I have loved having my boys home with me and seeing them learn. But I also know it is time for Jonah to experience something different, having someone else really working with him on math, spelling, english, history, etc. And I can be the support.

And I can spend some quality time with Reuben - and that second born boy could truly use those moments with Mommy.

Jonah played baseball for the first time this year, which he loved. We were so thankful he was able to play on a team with some friends that he knew, and some other really really great boys his age. Eli and I have always said we weren't going to be a baseball family ... but I'm kind of thinking that is about to change in the Brooks house. There are three other boys who are now carrying around mitts, balls, and swinging the bat at pitches whenever they get the chance.

And so I look at my blond boy, and I still give him as many hugs as he will let me (thankfully, he still doesn't mind snuggles with Mom every now and then). I've seen those pictures of him, a little round-cheeked one year old, and my heart has wrenched knowing that the time has passed fast. So I look forward to this next season with both anticipation, and a bit of sadness, knowing that he has already put a lot of childhood behind him.

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