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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flown Away ...

I taught my last Wednesday evening Kickboxing/Boot Camp class tonight ... but more about that change later (still teaching OTHER classes, but scheduling for this one is now a conflict).

Over the past several days, I have had some annoying sniffles, drainage, itchy throat, etc. Nothing too serious, but mostly bothersome at night when I am trying to rest and recharge for the next day! So, I took some Benadryl a couple nights, figured what goes around in terms of colds usually makes some appearance in our household. It IS that time of year, after all, isn't it?

So, I taught tonight's class as normal. At the end, I was explaining the class changes and realized that my voice was going out. Disappearing! Too much yelling at the ladies to work harder! I picked up the boys, we loaded into the car and headed home. Eli called on our way home to make sure that he was headed home at the same time so we could have some time to play before bedtime ... and he thought I was Jonah! Apparently, my voice really was going out.

Oh yeah, this blog isn't all about me. The boys. Right! This does all have a point ... the point being that at some moment during the evening, I said something and Jonah asked me why I was talking quiet. I said that I had lost my voice. He looked at me quizzically. Then nodded in complete agreement and said "I lost my voice too once, it just flew out!"

Love it. "It just flew out" Out of the mouth of babes ...


  1. I love this! Your kiddos are so darn cute. I hope that your voice is coming back and you're feeling energized. You're amazing with all you do!

  2. So cute. You'll probably use that term for the rest of your life now. At least that's how it goes around here.